Horse Racing
or Derby Dance Party

Serving NJ, PA, DE, NY, MD & the serounding areas.

Looking for something different and exciting for your entertainment? This is it!!!

This high energy, interactive, fun-filled party will hold your guests until the very end!

We provide everything including the colorful 24-foot “Twin Spires” race track display, betting windows, odds boards, "Lexington" decor, play money, race tickets, professional announcer who calls the race in true track form and female jockeys in racing attire. The custom designed race program heightens the excitement even more! You can name the horses after people that you know will be in attendance such as officers, managers, sales people, association members and/or terminology related to your industry! We provide a variety of music before, between and after the racing with our newest state-of-the-art sound system for those who want to dance or those who just want to enjoy the high energy of the event!

Then, to bring your event to a rousing conclusion, we conduct our fabulous, hilarious "Prize Drawing Show!" The excitement of the horse racing, the music and our prize drawing show all add up to the festive atmosphere that will keep your guests at the party until the very end! It all makes for an exciting fun-filled evening of entertainment they will always remember!

When you hear the screaming and cheering from your guests, you will think you are at Churchill Downs!

How It Works

Before The Event:

You send us thirty names of people that you know will be in attendance that you want to be “Horse Owners”. As an option, you can also name each of the thirty horses. Our professional announcer will go into our studio and record the voice-over of the five races on DVD using the names you provide as the “Horse Owners”. We even produce a custom race program using those names as “Horse Owners” and we can put your special logo on the front of the program.

At The Event:

As each guest enters they receive a custom race program and $3,000 in "Horse Bucks" to bet with at the track and one prize drawing ticket just for coming.

Play the races!

At the end of the last race, everyone cashes in their "Horse Bucks" for additional prize drawing tickets. The more money they win (Horse Bucks) at the track, the more tickets they will have in for the prize drawing.

Dance music is played between the races for those who want to dance or those who just want to enjoy the high energy of the event, which heightens the excitement even more! This means that an additional DJ or band is not needed! Many meeting & party planners like to include a Derby Hat Contest, which makes the event even more festive!